XISP-Inc products include:

  • Commercial Technology Development, Demonstration, and Deployment (TD3) mission concepts,
  • Foundational research/intellectual property development focused on the intersection of computer, robotics, and space systems engineering, and
  • Formation of public-private consortia to implement commercial TD3 missions  


Mission concepts that have been researched to date include:

  • Testing Delay Tolerant Networking technology with real world requirements
  • Pervasively Networked DTN Gateway for the International Space Station
  • Near Earth Emergency Preparedness and Response Network
  • Cislunar Pervasively Networked Communications
  • Space-to-space/surface power beaming
  • Advanced Vision and Task Area Recognition (AVaTAR)
  • Converged Electrophoresis and Lithography Locker (CELL)
  • Spacecraft Planning and Control Environment (SPaCE)
  • Practical Cost-effective Near Real Time State/Process Flow Modeling
  • High Value 3D Printing in the Space Environment
  • Propulsion Technology Development Testbed

Additional data on these concepts and Missions that have moved forward to development can be found under the Projects tab.

These research effors have resulted in the following product development efforts moving forward:

  • Xrosslink Internet Services Protocol (XISP) which supports DTN enabled mobile pervassively networked remote point of presence functionality.
  • Near network systems which support alignment/active configuration management control of loosely coupled structures
  • Frequency Agnostic Rectennas for radiant energy beaming applications.
  • Unbundled power system state models which support the  parameterization/characterization, optimization, and operationalization.


The Consortia defined to date include:

  • Lunar Power & Light Company -- a Cislunar electrical and allied services utility
  • -- a Cislunar networking, communications, and allied services utility

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