Xtraordinary Innovative Space Partnerships, Inc. (XISP-Inc) performs the following services as part of the integrated mission development process as well as offering them on an ala carte basis: 

  • Mission Conceptual Planning
  • Mission Product Research/Intellectual Property Development
  • Mission Intellectual Property Prospecting & Pool Development
  • Mission Intellectual Property Orchestration
  • Mission Development
  • Consortia Development
  • Systems Engineering & Integration Contractor
  • Product Development
  • Product Marketing
  • Product Sales & Support


Xisp-Inc crafts opporunities for participation that allow individuals and entities to work together to actually build products and have the fruits of these efforts inure to their benefit with minimum overhead and in a manner that suits their respective interests.  This allows us to do more -- faster, better, and cheaper than would necessarily otherwise occur base on unilateral action by any of the potential participants in a given project.